Childhood beef cake taste

Thứ Năm, 22/7/2021| 20:49

The piece of beef cake in my mind contains the whole sky of my childhood, a domain of memories forever indelible in my mind.

Childhood beef cake taste

It has become a habit, whenever I go to any market, whether it's San Thang, Sin Ho or Dao San (Lai Chau province), after looking at the products of the mountains and forests, I often stop by the corner of the market., buy a piece of beef cake with a few thousand silver coins. The square, spongy cake was neatly cut by the Dao or Hoa saleswoman. Holding the cake in my hand, I suddenly burst into tears, regretfully remembering my childhood in the poor countryside... On that day, I, like all the children in the highlands, often grabbed my mother's umbrella and went to the market. Beef cake is the simplest and sweetest gift from the countryside. The cakes have the white color of the new rice, the brown color of the granulated sugar, the taste is not greasy, just a little sweet on the tongue. The spongy cake melts lightly when put in the mouth, reminiscent of the golden rice season in the fields.

Remembering the childish excitement at that time, I stood at the gate of Mrs. Dinh's house selling cakes, wide-eyed watching her push the rice mill and filter the flour with a clean cloth. That powder was again mixed with ferment, incubated, and soaked overnight. Just put it in the steamer in the morning. The batch of cakes is tied tightly in cloth. When the market opens, it is still hot, fragrant and attractive. To get those batches of cakes, bakers have put in a lot of effort, meticulousness and care in each small step: The fermented sugar must be sifted finely, the dough is not pasty, nor too thick, and the time to soak the dough just enough to let the dough rise... Specialty beef cake in the Northwest region Specialty beef cake in the Northwest region Beef cake is only available in crowded markets. On weekdays, the leo Teo market rarely has anyone, so only on weekends do families make cakes to sell. The elegant beef cake next to the donuts, sweet honey cake, pho, and too pho ... suddenly becomes an indispensable flavor in the culinary corner of every market. The children lazily followed their mother like us, every time they passed that corner, they would point to this and that item to their mother. Beef cake is a gift from the countryside, as simple as the ingredients that make up a piece of cake

But still attract many eyes to the market... My parents when they go to the market, they sell vegetables and fruits that can be grown at home, and when they return to the market, they take advantage of buying goods for daily life. It seems that everyone who comes to the market is the same: Both the seller and the buyer. Sell ​​things you grow yourself, make yourself and buy more things you need. On the days my mother could not take me to the market, when I returned, I rummaged around and saw that rustic gift. Sometimes, I left the bag of cakes on the round table in the kitchen and could not bear to eat. Growing up, far from home, thinking about beef cake, I think a baker is not just creating a dish to sell. The piece of beef cake in my mind contains a whole sky of childhood, a domain of memories forever indelible in my mind.

Now that I am an adult, I still have the habit of buying beef cakes when going to the markets, but the eagerness to eat a piece of soft and fragrant beef cake is no longer there. Although the way to make beef cakes is still the same, the person who makes beef cakes is the same person. I just saw that time is a long time ago, when I was a child every day with friends to cut grass, herd buffaloes on the hill, the time to follow my mother to pick tea and coddle for gifts when my mother came back from selling goods at the market... At that time, it was a very long distance from my house to the market when counting steps. And now, just driving a motorbike, I was at the market in a flash. Worried, looking at the cake on the table, I didn't notice when my son was standing next to me. It wasn't until my son put his arm around my shoulder, cooing: "Daddy just came back from the market, let me eat cake". I nodded and turned around. Seeing a blue sky, my childhood appeared in the innocent eyes of my beloved son... beef cake!