Continuing to conquer the American travel magazine, Con Dao affirms the beauty of Vietnam's sea and islands

Thứ Sáu, 16/4/2021| 12:18

Possessing golden sandy beaches, surrounded by peaceful green forests, Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province was included in the list of 25 most beautiful beaches in the world by the famous American travel magazine Travel& Leisure.

Travel& Leisure said "Trying to choose the most beautiful beach in Vietnam is a difficult thing, but Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao is definitely the top candidate". 

“With smooth golden sand, soft strips of soil, bamboo groves and lush greenery all year round, this is a place where you can spend the day relaxing in your hammock by the beach and walk with a glass of fresh coconut water. The beach located near the commercial airport also makes visitors feel excited when watching the plane take off and land”, Travel& Leisure described.

Ranked 18th out of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by Travel& Leisure, Dam Trau Beach has made the name Con Dao continue to be on the list of the world's famous island destinations.

Continuing to conquer the American travel magazine, Con Dao affirms the beauty of Vietnam's sea and islands

Earlier this year, Con Dao was also one of the two representatives of East - South Asia in the New York Times' list of 52 destinations for the year 2021. 

In 2020, Con Dao becomes a rare representative of Asia in the list of "Places with the bluest water in the world" voted by Travel& Leisure. 

Before that, in 2011, Travel& Leisure once praised Con Dao as "one of the most mysterious and best islands in the world". According to this magazine, Con Dao is famous for its "stunning granite cliffs on the crystal blue beach".

The Lonely Planet magazine has repeatedly voted Con Dao as one of the "Top 10 most attractive destinations in Asia" in 2016 and 2017.

In 2017, it is a paradise for both swim-and-dive and water games with beautiful green coconut-covered beaches and also a place for those who love to explore or adventure with the roads (quite pristine and wild) through the forest, the US CNN  also voted for Con Dao as one of the 12 most peaceful islands in Asia, next to the famous islands of Palawan (Philippines), Hokkaido (Japan) or Koh Phayam (Thailand)...

Only about 45 minutes flight from Ho Chi Minh City, but Con Dao is like a separate world from the noise of life. Currently, Con Dao is known as an attraction on the tourist map of Vietnam and the world because of its landscape, ecosystem and special historical values. However, this place still retains its inherent tranquillity, making it a destination for anyone finding a slow moment in the chaos of daily life. 

However, for those travellers who love adventure, discovering the beauty of Con Dao by diving and watching the corals at Hon Trat, Bay Canh, Tai Hon, Hon Tre, Hon Trung or Hon Cau is really a great experience.

According to Trang Linh (Nhan Dan)