Honouring literary and artistic works for children

Thứ Ba, 8/6/2021| 15:06

The second De Men Children's Prize - 2021, founded and organized by the Sports and Culture Newspaper (Vietnam News Agency), after only three months of its launch, has attracted nearly 120 entries, an increase of 10 entries compared to the previous year. The richness and quality of the works that won the same rank as Aspiration De Men and 16 typical works that entered the final round show that children's literature is being interested and encouraged.

Honouring literary and artistic works for childrenThe Organizing Committee awarded the De Men Aspiration Award to writer Binh Ca. (Photo provided by the Organizing Committee)

Five equal prizes for the Aspiration De Men were awarded to three fields: Literature (including comics), fine arts and film, including the following works: Novel "Di Tron" by writer Binh Ca; cartoon "Khuc Go Muc" by Vietnam Animation Studio Joint Stock Company, directed by People's Artist Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa; a series of paintings about nature and life of the author Xeo Chu; Comic "Ly and Chun - Tet is the best, especially Tet!" by Meo Moc author; The series "Khac biet moi tuyet lam sao" (How wonderful it is to be different) by author Nguyen Hoang Vu and a group of artists.

This season, there are quite a lot of works by professional writers. The judge said that about 15 of the 50 manuscripts submitted for the prize were eligible to be printed into quality books. Notably, there were six entries by children's authors who passed the preliminary round, including two manuscripts of fantasy novels with a capacity of about 200 pages by a third-grader and a sixth-grader. Particularly, the novel by the 6th grader is written directly in English, then translated into Vietnamese, illustrated by his classmates, and that is only part one of a series of four parts expected to be written. This is a good sign, full of hope for the following De Men seasons.

The five equal medals of Aspiration De Men are well appreciated for their artistic quality. The novel "Di Tron" by writer Binh Ca is a blend of childhood memories in war and exciting adventures. The attractiveness of "Di Tron" is reflected in the language, situation, and spatial context, highlighting the story and qualities of a generation of children growing up in war. 

The four-book set of picture books "How wonderful it is to be different" by author Nguyen Hoang Vu and a group of artists bring a valuable message to children about respecting differences. The author Meo Moc, real name Dang Quang Dung, who competed and did not win in the first season, convinced the judge with the comic "Ly and Chun - Tet is the best, especially Tet!". The content revolves around the story of an urban family returning to their hometown to celebrate Tet. The work exploits flexible language, youthful, humorous and humanistic perspective on Tet.

Child painter Xeo Chu (real name Pho Van An, born in 2007) with paintings depicting natural landscapes, pure life, showing the beauty of a child's soul amidst the epidemic days also won the De Men's Aspiration Award. Xeo Chu has been painting since he was four years old, so far, he has painted more than 300 paintings, has had solo exhibitions in the country and Singapore, USA. 

From more than 20 films and series, the De Men's Aspiration Award, in which many animated films, was awarded to "Khuc Go Muc", a 14-minute animated film of the Film Studio Joint Stock Company. Vietnamese animation directed by People's Artist Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa. The film tells the journey of a rotten log, once the most important part of a large ship, called "the head". When lying on the deserted beach, dreaming of the heroic past still feels useful, a shelter for the little bird.

Chairman of the Vietnam Writers Association, Nguyen Quang Thieu commented: It is a pity that the second De Men Children's Prize has not found outstanding works to give the Knights of De Men Award. However, the quantity and quality of the award-winning works still summarize the richness and development of children's literature. Each work has brought a world, an interesting life for children. There is love for people, natural beauty, pure dreams, simple good things, and directed towards children. Besides, the appearance of professional writers next to the young ones in their teens shows the spirit of generational continuity and a caring attitude towards the childhood world. The award is a source of inspiration and motivation for children's literature to develop, and at the same time, has a significant impact on society's interest in the country's future preschool generation. One of the factors that make the award-successful is diversity. The award-winning literary works, paintings, cartoons, etc... all show the authors' aesthetic, intellectual, and profound visions. The children have brought the appearance of talented authors, the future of the country's literature and art.