Jaggery beef cake of Khmer people in the South

Thứ Tư, 18/8/2021| 18:40

From the jaggery tree that only grows in the land of the Khmer people in the South, the people here have made the golden jaggery cake, a famous specialty of Chau Doc, An Giang.

Jaggery beef cake of Khmer people in the South

It is a favorite dish of people in the Southwest region. The cake is made from the main ingredients such as rice flour, jaggery powder (the old jaggery shell powder is finely ground and mixed with rice flour for a characteristic aroma), jaggery, coconut milk. Golden jaggery cake, wrapped in Siamese banana leaf, sprinkled with grated coconut on top, looks very attractive. Ms. Chau Kim Sinh (who has made jaggery beef cakes for more than 30 years in Tri Ton town, Tri Ton) said that making jaggery beef cakes is a feat. From the stage of fermenting the dough, you must regularly watch it because if the weather is too dry, the cake will not have a spongy taste, if the dough is too wet, it will lose the softness of the cake. The jaggery biscuits will have a natural yellow color, fragrant aroma and the sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk and jaggery.

The right jaggery is the fruit with thick rice, not thin pulp, ground into powder. Grind the ripe old jaggery, decant the powder. Palm sugar choose powdered sugar, no impurities and a little coconut milk. Put all the above mixture in a mixing bowl with a little water in the right proportion, incubate overnight. For the dough to ferment quickly, it is necessary to add a little rice wine, when steamed, the new sponge cake is delicious. Next, use a patch to pour the dough into a round or square mold as you like, put it in the steamer for about 20 minutes, when the aroma is fragrant, it is ripe. Finally, open the basket to take out the cake, sprinkle some grated coconut on it, and use "casserole leaf", a special leaf in Chau Doc area or banana leaf to wrap the cake.

The cake is best eaten when it is still hot, holding the hot yellow jaggery cake to your mouth and chewing it slowly. The spongy taste of the cake, the sweetness of the sugar and the coconut, mixed with the characteristic aroma of jaggery, rushed up to the nose, unmistakable. In the past, jaggery beef cake was only used as a home to eat or sold around the district market on holidays and traditional Tet of the Khmer people. Now, many people know about jaggery beef cake, so they have ordered it to give as gifts to family, relatives and friends around the country and abroad.