Vegetarian cake drifting dish - An indispensable ceremony in Han Thuc Tet holiday

Thứ Ba, 13/4/2021| 20:40

Han Thuc Tet holiday (Cold foods Festival) is worshiped on March 3 of the lunar calendar. According to traditional Vietnamese customs, on the real Cold foods Festival, families often prepare floating cakes and vegetarian cakes to present to their ancestors' altars.

Vegetarian cake drifting dish - An indispensable ceremony in Han Thuc Tet holidayThe Han Thuc Tet Festival is also known as the “floating cake” vegetarian cake ( Illustration figure)


Folk consider the circle of the floating cake to represent Heaven (Yang), the square of the kernel represents Earth (Yin). Heaven enveloped the earth, Yin and Yang dissolved together. My father considered it the harmony of the universe, creatures and people, it was also the time when all things proliferated, trees were lush. This is a mythological symbolic image, which sends the ideas of his father passed down to the next generation of Onmyouji - Ngu Hanh's theory to confirm the grandeur of Van Lang civilization - the pride of Lac Viet people.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hoai (CEO of Nuong Bac Company) shared that both floating cakes and vegetarian cakes are made from fragrant glutinous rice flour. most clearly the long-standing wet rice civilization of the Vietnamese nation along with other traditional cakes such aschung cake, giay cake ... Over thousands of years of history, xeo cake vegan cake has become a traditional beauty inHan Thuc Tet holiday.

Vegetarian cake drifting dish - An indispensable ceremony in Han Thuc Tet holidayHow to make floating cake (illustrating figure)


In particular, Han Thuc Tet holiday’s ceremonial tray usually includes: fresh flowers, fruits, betel nut and drift cake, vegetarian cake. In which, floating cake, vegetarian cake are two indispensable dishes in the ceremony. According to the old conception, the odd number represents luck, so ordinary families offer odd number of bowls/ plates of vegetarian cakes, 3 bowls or 5 bowls, to wish luck and happiness. .

Although originating from China, the real Cold foods Festival of the Vietnamese still has its own nuances. This is an opportunity for Vietnamese people to turn to their roots, to commemorate their ancestors' grace and virtue. On this day, Vietnamese people do not abstain from fire and still cook normally. Especially, Vietnamese people also create floating cakes, vegetarian cakes, which are cold foods symbolizing the real Cold foods Festival.