Korea has been preparing for 30 years for a "Sea Level Game" phenomenon

Thứ Ba, 9/11/2021| 20:20

"Squid Game" is just another successful ladder of cultural export that the Korean entertainment industry has patiently prepared for over the past 2-3 decades.

Korea has been preparing for 30 years for a Sea Level Game phenomenon

For those who have been interested in Korean culture, the "Korean wave" since the 1990s, they will not be surprised by the successes that currently, the Korean entertainment industry is creating. on an international scale. The most popular Korean cultural phenomenon globally this year is the series "Squid Game", but this is actually just a new step of success in the journey with the ambition to export culture which the Korean entertainment industry has been diligently doing for the past 2-3 decades..

The global success of "The Squid Game" is made up of a combination of many factors that the Korean entertainment industry has painstakingly cultivated and prepared for a long time. The "Korean wave", the exports of Korean culture that have been known in Asia for a long time. Now a day, the "wave" is expanding internationally, making even the most powerful entertainment industries. The leading power in the Western world must also be surprised, wary and find ways to analyze and explain. Korean-American professor - Mr. Ku Ji-song specializes in teaching Asian culture and is currently studying at the Center for Korean Studies at Binghamton University, New York, USA. about the "Korean wave" that is covering the world. According to Mr. Ku Ji-song, in order to have the Korean wave with the current level of success and wide coverage, the Korean entertainment industry has been preparing for a long time:

"Over the past 20 years, Korean films have been steadily increasing their popularity among the international public. At first, countries near Korea were first attracted to Korean films, and gradually, "the Korean wave." " expanded and has now spread to Western countries through multiple promotion platforms. I think the epidemic is one reason why the world public has more time to find new spiritual foods and suddenly many people feel attracted to Korean culture. Previously, the increasing influence of Korean music, Korean dramas, Korean movies... has contributed to making Korean popular culture more attractive to the world public.

Korea has been preparing for 30 years for a Sea Level Game phenomenon

After that, online entertainment platforms became more and more popular, especially in the context of the pandemic, making Korean cultural products more accessible to the international public. All these factors combined at the same time and created the strong "Korean wave" as we are seeing." The violence and cruelty that viewers find in "The Squid Game" is practically no stranger to Korean dramas and movies so far: "The movie "The Squid Game" continues to contain the daring, fierceness that has long been reflected in Korean films.Those who have watched many Korean films will not feel that "The Squid Game" is a sudden shock," said Professor Ku Ji-song. The success of "The Squid Game" has made millions of people around the world interested in learning about Korean movies. As for Professor Ku Ji-song, he has constantly followed the development of the Korean entertainment industry, because it is both his hometown and part of the content of his work.

Professor Ku Ji-song assessed that the first "Korean wave" began to appear in the late 1990s. At that time, the Korean economy was recovering from the crisis and needed potential items. With high profitability but low risk, the export of cultural - entertainment - lifestyle products is the direction that Korea has been aiming since that time: "If we want to talk about the influence of Korean culture, we need to go back 20 - 30 years, back to the beginning of the 'Korean wave.' At that time, having just come out of the financial crisis, The Korean entertainment industry takes on the responsibility of turning Korea's cultural - entertainment - lifestyle products into exportable and profitable products. The "Squid Game" craze that we saw just now is a new peak of success coming from a work that has been started by Korea since the late 1990s. The world already knows Samsung phones, cars. Hyundai, and now we know about cultural - entertainment products, lifestyle products from Korea." Through each period, the cultural and entertainment content that the Korean entertainment industry gives to the public has changed.

Korea has been preparing for 30 years for a Sea Level Game phenomenon

From romantic dramas that are sometimes tinged with melancholy, to more playful romantic comedies, and now more "monster" films with bold, intense styles, fierce, reflects the existence of modern society; The "Korean wave" has been constantly changing over time so as not to become stale for the international public. As in "The Squid Game", viewers find the insecurities, economic pressures, the gap between rich and poor that are present in the lives of many people in many countries around the world. It is this that has made the film create empathy among viewers in many countries, regardless of cultural differences, regardless of whether there are audiences who have never seen Korean films before.

Korean dramas in particular and the Korean entertainment industry in general have constantly renewed content, caught up with tastes and created new trends in a long and persistent journey, until today, Their "Korean wave" has reached new shores, reaching new levels of success. In order to have groups like BTS, Blackpink, to have "Parasite" win big at the Oscars 2020, for "Squid Game" to become a global phenomenon in 2021, followed by the explosive development of fashion., cosmetics, Korean cuisine... in many countries around the world, the Korean entertainment industry has had a long, patient and persistent preparation.