Lunar New Year in Vietnamese culture

Thứ Sáu, 11/6/2021| 10:39

In Vietnam, Tet Doan Ngo is also called by folk folk with a more rustic name than Tet to kill insects. This is one of the traditional holidays with rich cultural connotations.

Lunar New Year in Vietnamese culturePhotos of dishes in Lunar New Year


Every year, on the 5th of May (lunar calendar), our people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Tet Doan Ngo is also known as Tet Doan Duong. Doan Ngo means the beginning of midday (Doan: opening, Ngo: midday) and yang is the sun, which is yang, Doan yang means starting when yang is flourishing. Not only in Vietnam or China, but also in many Asian countries, there is also the Dragon Boat Festival. Therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival is actually an Asian New Year custom associated with the concept of the circulation of the weather in the year.

The Vietnamese New Year's Dragon Boat Festival is derived from a legend: One day after the harvest, the farmers celebrated because of the good harvest but the insects that year came to eat the harvested fruit and food. People's headache did not know how to solve this pest problem, suddenly an old man came from afar to call himself Doi Truan. He instructed the people in each house to set up a simple offering consisting of ash cake and fruit, then go out in front of his house to exercise. People obeyed only a moment later, the insects and the flood fell down. The old man also added: Every year bugs on this day are very aggressive, every year on this day, just do what I told you to treat them.

The grateful people were about to give thanks but the old man had gone. To commemorate this, people call this day "Tet to kill insects", some people call it "Tet Doan Ngo" because the time of worship is usually in the middle of the Horse.

In Vietnam, the Lunar New Year is "Vietnamized" into a Tet holiday to kill insects and worship ancestors. Vietnamese people also call Doan Ngo Tet "Tet to kill insects" because during the period of changing seasons and changing secretions, diseases are easy to arise. On this day, folk have many customs to eliminate insects and prevent diseases.

Currently, in some Vietnamese villages, the old customs are still maintained and this Tet holiday is very important. After the Lunar New Year, perhaps "Tet to kill insects" is the warmest reunion and there are many customs associated with people's lives…so the children and grandchildren, no matter how far away they work, try to arrange to about.

After the worshiping ceremony is the custom of killing insects. The whole family gathers to eat sour fruits, glutinous rice wine, ash cake... to kill "insects", drive away diseases.

Lunar New Year in Vietnamese cultureIn the south of Vietnam during the lunar new year, duck meat is also served


Vietnam's culture is diverse and rich, so each region of the country has its own unique cultural features on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. Most of the women in the northern countryside know "sticky rice wine" and often take advantage of this occasion to bring it to the town to sell. Sticky wine is also favored by urban people and is a food during the Lunar New Year. .

In the Central region, the indispensable dish on the tray of rice offerings is ash cake. Every family buys thirty or more cakes to worship their ancestors and then the whole family enjoys them together. In addition, according to the tradition of the Southern people, duck meat is also an indispensable thing for this holiday in the insect-killing tray.

Thus, it can be said that the Lunar New Year is the Mid-year Tet, first to remember ancestors, then to wish for healing and health. Tet Doan Ngo has been associated with the beliefs of the entire Vietnamese community for generations and has become a traditional festival.