Thứ Năm, 30/9/2021| 10:40

If you have a chance to come to Southwest Vietnam, you will know how gentle the beauty of river is, how friendly and hospitable the local people are. Southwest Vietnam’s beauty is not overwhelming, but gradually absorb in your heart like the longer you stay here, the more you fall for this land. This season, let us come to Mekong Delta to enjoy the peace in the wind blowing from the river and the fruitful orchards which are cultivated by fat alluvial flow.


Getting to the end of National Route 1A means that you are already in Southwest territory. You can realize the simple beauty of this land through green rows of coconut, the fields’ cranes, and the fruitful orchards. If you ask me what the specialty of this land is, my immediate answer is the four-season orchard. Thanks to the favorable climate, this land is blessed with fruitful orchard throughout the year. Coming to the Southwest orchards, you will receive the warm and hospitable welcome.


Cai Mon – Ben Tre, wonderland of fruits

In Ben Tre, have a glass of coconut juice to cool down your body and provide energy so that you can continue your orchard discovery. Coconut here is so diverse. There is xiem coconut, dua coconut, dau coconut, tam quan coconut, etc. Each kind has different size, color and flavor and they all share one thing in common. That is to make you feel cool and better. Coconut juice is only the first representative welcome of this land’s fruits. When coming to Cai Mon, the homeland of fruits and flowers in Ben Tre, you may be interested in the orchards which is laden with ripe fruits. Tropical fruits here smell and taste lovely. The ripe rambutan reddens the whole tree, and all you have to do is reaching out your hand to pick one. The fruitful dau, bon bon, mangosteen orchards can take any visitor’s heart. That is not to mention coc, guava, orange, tangerine, apple, lychee, etc. The tasty flavor comes from the moment you enjoy the trees, you pick fruits by yourself, and you enjoy fruits right after that. In the orchards, there are huts for visitors to rest, have a chit-chat and listen to the melody of garden in a peaceful way. Or you can choose to lie down on the hammock and wait for the owner to bring out some simple but full of countryside flavor cuisine.

The way Ben Tre and Southwester people run their business is as generous as their characteristic. When you get inside the orchard, the owners always make you feel free to walk around, take photos and eat as much as you like. They are also ready to converse, to introduce to you various kinds of fruits. Beside the orchard, if you have time, don’t forget to pass by the flower gardens which are carefully taken care, styled like bonsai, beautiful cut into animals form by the local people.

Can Tho’s sweet fruits

There is a folk that is about visitors’ feeling when visiting the gentle Western capital, “Can Tho has white rice and pure water. Once you get there, you don’t want to go home.” In floating market Cai Rang, you can witness in your own eyes the lively boats, the sound of vendors. Then, there is a chance that you fall in love with this land. The color of floating market is also the color of fruits. Small boats, big ships are full of freshly harvested fruits; river traders are juggling fruits like performers in the circus. The green color of watermelon, mango, coc, guava, the red color of plum, rambutan, the brown color of mangosteen, the orange color of pineapple, pumpkin, the yellow color of banana, etc.  are mixed each other like a colorful painting. Before going inside the market to choose fruits, you can have a real Southwest breakfast with bun mam, bun rieu cua, chao long, banh la dua, etc.


Especially, Phong Dien orchard is the place where you can freely select, and enjoy fruits by all senses. Throughout 100 years of discovery and cultivation, Phong Dien has become a fertile orchard, and its fruits are distributed to everywhere in Vietnam. The most famous fruit of Phong Dien is Ha Chau dau fruit. The flavor is as tasty as Lai Thieu’s mangosteen. Moreover, don’t forget to have a bite of nhan da bo which has a nice flavor. The more you eat, the more addicted you may become since it is not too intense. Phong Dien also has various kinds of fruits such as guava, mango, orange, rambutan, durian, etc. You can choose anything you like. Many visitors may give you an advice like you should not have your meal too much so that you can have blank space for fruits. Such a lovely advice than can make Southwest gardeners feel warm. This early summer, why don’t you make some time to visit this gentle Mekong Delta?