The Ministry of Public Security dismantles a football betting line of 1,500 billion VND in the Euro season

Thứ Ba, 15/6/2021| 15:24

The Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security said that this unit has just dismantled a large-scale football gambling and betting in Ho Chi Minh City with a transaction amount of more than 1,500 billion VND.

Through the management of the area, the Criminal Police Department discovered 3 gangs operating in the style of gangsters in the area bordering 3 provinces Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City. This gang has caused many stabbings with each other to fight for territory. In particular, subjects possessing military weapons. 

The leader was identified as Bui Tuan Anh (born 1990), a native of Nam Dinh, residing in Thu Duc City, with a criminal record for loaning heavy interest. 

According to the Criminal Police Department, dozens of juniors with criminal records and aggressive thugs work under Bui Tuan Anh.

On June 13, under the direction of Major General Tran Ngoc Ha, Director of the Criminal Police Department, 19 working groups with more than 100 officers and soldiers coordinated with professional units of the Ministry of Public Security, Ho Chi Minh City police have simultaneously dismantled many lairs of this gang. Thereby, the police arrested 23 people in the gang. 

At the police station, Bui Tuan Anh initially admitted that he had run this gang to organize football betting from June 2019 to now. The total amount of transactions in this line up to the time of arrest was VND 1,500 billion.

The Ministry of Public Security dismantles a football betting line of 1,500 billion VND in the Euro seasonSubjects and evidence (Photo: Duc Mung). 

Particularly for the Euro 2020 tournament, which has just taken place, Bui Tuan Anh manages 6 master gates with more than 200,000 points (equivalent to about 2 billion VND), assigned to subordinate agents for management and administration. From the beginning of the tournament, Tuan Anh has earned an illegal profit of VND 240 million. During the search, the police seized a cluster bullet gun. 

Through investigation, the police also determined that Bui Tuan Anh handed over this gun to Tran The Vinh (born 1987, from Dong Nai) to keep. When there is a conflict that needs to be resolved or debt collection, Tuan Anh asks Vinh to bring a gun.