100 volunteers to receive first shot of ARCT-154 vaccine

Chủ nhật, 15/8/2021| 10:46

As many as 100 Vietnamese volunteers are poised to be given their first shot of the ARCT-154 vaccine on August 15, making it the third locally-produced vaccine against COVID-19 to be trialed.

Ahead of receiving their first shot, volunteers must agree to follow the study's procedures and perform at least eight clinical visits in line with the study schedule at the Center for Clinical Pharmacology under the Hanoi Medical University.

Participants will be grouped randomly, in which 75% of volunteers will be injected with ARCT-154, with the remaining 25% being given placebos. They will subsequently receive the second shot after 28 days.


100 volunteers to receive first shot of ARCT-154 vaccine

100 volunteers will receive first shot of ARCT-154 vaccine (Photo: MoH)

The human clinical trials are scheduled to be carried out in three phases and will feature the participation of 21,000 volunteers, including more than 100 in phase one, 300 in phase two, and 20,600 in phase three.

Furthermore, testing will be carried out on adult volunteers at the Hanoi Medical University, the Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute, and the Vietnam Military Medical University.

According to the Health Ministry, ARCT-154 is a self-amplifying mRNA vaccine that is designed to act against numerous strains of SARS-CoV-2, including the Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma variants.

The vaccine has been produced by Arcturus Therapeutics, Inc. of the United States along with Vinbiocare, a unit of Vingroup, the nation’s largest private conglomerate.