"Vietnam - Aspiration for peace", thanks to the frontline against the epidemic

Thứ Bảy, 12/6/2021| 21:17

The program "Vietnam - Aspiration for Peace" aims to send thanks to the forces on the front lines against the epidemic.

Vietnam - Aspiration for peace, thanks to the frontline against the epidemicProgram "Vietnam - Aspiration for Peace"


The program aims to honor the people for a common peaceful future for the country who have promoted the spirit of self-reliance, commitment, volunteerism, creativity, and the people are the biggest, strongest and most important force, most important in the fight against COVID-19.

A year ago, the message resounded urging the whole country to "Fight the epidemic like fighting the enemy", today, the message directing action in the new context is "All-out offensive". In which, with the task of "Responding". There are people of all ages across the country who are enthusiastic about volunteering to enter the epidemic area.

In addition, the program also honors the faces who are on the "Rescue" mission which are the doctors and nurses who sacrifice their personal needs and endure hardships to focus on fighting for the lives of patients heavy.

The stories will be partly recreated on stage with many unique art forms and the spread of the movement to support the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund in an active and voluntary manner. Vaccine + 5K is the key factor in fighting the epidemic to bring about a peaceful life while maintaining economic development. This is also a responsible action of the people of the country.