The owner of the Nguyen Dynasty is Vietnamese and will donate to Hue

Chủ nhật, 31/10/2021| 16:07

The owner of the Nguyen Dynasty mandarin hat that has just auctioned 600,000 Euros in Spain is a Vietnamese businessman and this hat will be donated to Hue.

The owner of the Nguyen Dynasty is Vietnamese and will donate to Hue

A mandarin hat under the Nguyen Dynasty has just been auctioned for 600,000 Euros, nearly 20 billion VND, tax has not been calculated (starting price is 600 Euro, 1,000 times more) in Spain on the evening of October 28.

 The new owner of this shirt, the auctioneer with code 5496 is a Vietnamese private enterprise. For various reasons, the bidder with the number 5496 code did not publish the listing. Just know this is a businessman with a special love for Hue, determined to auction with this coffin to bring back to Vietnam and will organize a donation for Hue in a cooperation point. Before that, the Nguyen Dynasty's coffin was still intact, the official function was up, and was offered by the priceless auction house in Barcelona (Spain) at the starting price of 600 Euro, which became the focus, attracting the attention of many people, job, interest of discussion at home and abroad.

The Nguyen Dynasty mandarin hat dating from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, accompanied by a wooden hat box painted with gilded paint, is also intact. According to researchers, restorers and traders of Nguyen Dynasty antiques in Vietnam, this is the most intact and most beautiful top quality official official hat they have ever seen. In Vietnam, in museums and houses of Nguyen Dynasty descendants, there are only hats from the main level of the third grade down and all are restored or damaged hats. However, the fact that this hat was auctioned at 1,000 times the starting price, from 600 euros to 600,000 euros is a price that stunned the world. For a long time, antiques of the Nguyen Dynasty are often bought and sold at very low prices. For example, this official hat, the "reasonable" price will be around 50,000 Euro. Thus, although Hue has skipped the auction of the Nguyen Dynasty mandarin hat, this precious antique is having the opportunity to be "repatriated" to Hue in accordance with the aspiration of Vietnamese people who love culture, fine arts and culture, relic.