Vietnamese lychee sold in France for more than 500,000 VND per kilogram

Thứ Tư, 16/6/2021| 15:33

Each kilogram of Thanh Ha lychee (Hai Duong) is officially exported to France for 18 euros (more than 500,000 VND) per kilogram and is consumed quickly.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in France, after 3 days of being sold at Asian supermarkets in Paris, consumers effect on Vietnamese lychees is very good.

French enterprises have decided to accelerate the import plan more than previously expected. This week, the second consignment, about one ton, will be imported to France, meeting market demand.

Currently, the selling price of Thanh Ha lychee in France is 18 euros per kilogram (more than 500,000 VND), many customers buy 5 kilograms as gifts for family and friends.

Mr Vu Anh Son, in charge of the Vietnam Trade Office in France, said that France always appreciates knowing the origin of food to ensure the quality of goods, improve the commitment and responsibility of manufacturers and suppliers to consumers.

Vietnamese lychee sold in France for more than 500,000 VND per kilogramThanh Ha lychee (Hai Duong) is sold on the shelves of A Chau supermarket (France). Photo: Trade Promotion Department.

Many food products, including meat products, have mandatory traceability regulations "from farm to fork", but there are no regulations for agricultural products imported into France.

The fact that lychees exported to France have the traceability stamp itrade247 (developed by the Trade Promotion Agency) has welcomed a new trend of consumption, responsible consumption. 

To develop the promotion and consumption of Vietnamese lychee in France, the Trade Office and the Embassy of Vietnam in France will organize a booth to introduce Vietnamese lychee at the Vietnam Food Festival 2021 on June 19 at Place Monge, central Paris.

Previously, on June 12, a shipment of nearly a ton of Thanh Ha lychee (Hai Duong) with a traceability stamp was "flying" to France. After a 5-year hiatus, this is the first batch of lychee imported in large quantities, standing alone for an order, without being mixed with other exotic fruits, and exported to this market. 

In 2021, Hai Duong has 9,000 hectares of lychee, especially Thanh Ha district has over 3,300 hectares, with a total output of about 55,000 tons. Up to now, this province has 1,000 hectares certified with VietGAP, GlobalGAP and 8,000 hectares with codes of export growing areas.