A real estate entrepreneur was suddenly named on the billion-dollar playground

Chủ nhật, 13/6/2021| 12:30

Last week, another Vietnamese giant with billions of dollars in assets on the stock exchange appeared. Worth mentioning, this giant is not as prominent as the previous billion-dollar businessmen.

A real estate entrepreneur was suddenly named on the billion-dollar playgroundPhat Dat Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Van Dat (Photo: PDR).


Another Vietnamese giant owns billions of dollars in assets

Last week, the list of the rich with billions of dollars in assets on the Vietnamese stock exchange suddenly added a new character. That is Mr. Nguyen Van Dat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phat Dat Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company.

With nearly 298 million Phat Dat shares (stock code PDR), Mr. Dat's assets on the stock exchange are estimated at more than 26,000 billion VND (1.1 billion USD). Currently, he is ranked 6th on the ranking of the richest people on the Vietnam stock exchange.

However, according to Forbes statistics, the two bosses of Phat Dat and Novaland have not been recognized as USD billionaires. Forbes rates billionaires' wealth based on the value of stocks, private companies, real estate, artwork and excludes debts.

The "sorrowful" closing shot of the Green Land boss

The stock market was agitated last week with the sell-off of investors in Dat Xanh's DXG stock. The reason is said to come from the plan to issue ESOP (preferential shares for employees) at the price of 0 dong.

In an effort to "appease" shareholders and investors, Dat Xanh later released a statement emphasizing that, for this ESOP issuance, the group plans to apply a blockade policy within 5 years to ensure the commitment of the staff.

However, another piece of information from Dat Xanh made the investor community stir. Accordingly, on June 3 and June 4, Mr. Nguyen Truong Son, Deputy General Director of Dat Xanh, sold 690,000 shares of DXG. Mr. Son has taken profit right at the peak of DXG since this code went on the floor until now. Right after that, DXG plummeted without braking. The "sorrowful" profit taking of the boss of Dat Xanh has surprised many shareholders of the business.

Vote Duc paid off the debt of more than 400 billion VND

On June 11, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Company announced that it had completed the pre-maturity buy-back of all remaining VND 407 billion of bond debt of HDBank bondholders. The above bond lot was issued by the group of Chairman of the Board of Directors Doan Nguyen Duc (elected Duc) in 2016 with a term of 7 years. The contract payment period is from June 30, 2021 to the end of 2023.

In May, mountain businesses spent 328 billion VND to buy back part of the above bond loans before maturity. Bau Duc is showing his determination to reduce debt as shared with shareholders. "My point of view is very clear. Debt settlement is the number one priority. Profit and loss will be calculated later. In long-term debt, the company will never be good," the famous football manager confirmed to investors in Hanoi. The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Hoang Anh Gia Lai International Agriculture Joint Stock Company (HAGL Agrico) was held earlier this year.

A real estate entrepreneur was suddenly named on the billion-dollar playgroundMr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen has applied for the establishment of a cargo airline (Photo: IPP Group)


The ambition of "brand name king" Johnathan Hanh Nguyen

Recently, IPP Air Cargo Joint Stock Company of which Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen is the Chairman of the Board of Directors has requested the Ministry of Planning and Investment and related ministries and agencies to consider and approve the investment policy of the established project cargo airline. This is a member enterprise of the Inter-Pacific Group (IPP) based in Ho Chi Minh City, a retail business group and accounts for nearly 70% of the international branded market in Vietnam.

However, IPP Air Cargo of Ha Tang's father-in-law registered a business license with the main business of air freight. Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen set an ambition that, if licensed in the first year of operation, the airline will operate 5 cargo aircraft then increase to 7 aircraft in the second year and 10 aircraft in the third year. .

Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen's goal of establishing an airline is not to carry commercial passengers but to carry goods - a transportation segment with great potential and not many domestic competitors to compete for market share. This may be a different step of the "king of brands" compared to the boss of previous airlines.


According to the leader of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, currently in Vietnam, there are no airlines specializing in transporting goods, all operating airlines focus on passenger transport. Meanwhile, most of Vietnam's international air freight market share is being exploited by foreign airlines, so if Vietnam has a cargo airline, it's also reasonable.