Composer Hong Dang, author of "Milk Flower" was honored for the love of Hanoi

Thứ Năm, 28/10/2021| 20:16

The father of iconic works about Hanoi such as "Milk flower", "Celebrating the city of childhood"..., has just been named to receive the Grand Prize "Bui Xuan Phai - For the love of Hanoi" on the afternoon of the October 28.

Composer Hong Dang, author of Milk Flower was honored for the love of Hanoi

On the afternoon of October 28, the 14th Bui Xuan Phai Prize Award Ceremony and Exhibition - For the Love of Hanoi in 2021 took place in Hanoi. As a result, the 14th - For the Love of Hanoi Grand Prize - 2021 was awarded to musician Hong Dang for his outstanding contributions to the Capital's music industry, including iconic works about Hanoi. Interior like Milk Flower, Memories of the city of childhood...

Musician Hong Dang was born in 1936 in a family with a tradition of studiousness in Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province. From a young age, he read books about music in French. At the age of 12, he composed his first song Student Life and was loved by many friends his age. In 1956, when the Vietnam School of Music (now the Vietnam National Academy of Music) opened the first course, he was one of the first students majoring in Composition. It was a course with great authors of the country's music, such as Hoang Viet, Hoang Hiep, Ngo Huynh, Huy Thuc, Vinh Cat, To Ngoc Thanh, Hong Thao... The work that he first presented to the capital was the vocal chorus of the Thousand Years Red River (played by Duong Viet A) which was performed by the Hanoi Dance and Dance Troupe in 1964 - under the chopsticks of conductor Nguyen Huu Hieu.

In particular, the song Hoa Sua, written by him in the soundtrack of Hanoi's bird nest season, about the rebuilding of Hanoi after December, "Dien Bien Phu in the air" has touched the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people. Hoa Sua has stepped out of the cinema frame and become one of the best songs about Hanoi, although there is no word Hanoi or Capital in the lyrics. Musician Nguyen Thuy Kha assessed that in Hoa Sua is nature hidden in love between couples. In Memory of Childhood City, nature has packed into the backpacks of people going to the border front. Hong Dang's melody has sobbed the hearts of young men who can't help it: "This afternoon, passing through the familiar street, meeting the first ticks, suddenly heard the fluttering soul. The chorus of the cicadas is constant"... In 2001, musician Hong Dang also received the State Prize for Literature and Art with the songs: Singing Sea This Afternoon, Milk Flower, Gift in May, Celebrating Childhood City and Burning Fire Choir.

Composer Hong Dang, author of Milk Flower was honored for the love of Hanoi

Before musician Hong Dang, 12 names have received the Grand Prize, including Hanoi scholar Nguyen Vinh Phuc (2009), writer To Hoai (2010), Professor Phan Huy Le (2011), guitarist Van Vuong (2011) 2012), photographer Quang Phung (2013), researcher Vu Tuan San (2014), researcher Giang Quan (2015), photographer Le Vuong (2016), researcher Huu Ngoc (2017), researcher Researcher Nguyen Ba Dam (2018), researcher Nguyen Thua Hy (2019), and most recently, in 2020 is musician Phu Quang. In addition to the Grand Prize, the Bui Xuan Phai Award - For the love of Hanoi also awarded 3 other categories including the Art Award, the Idea Award and the Employment Award. The Art Award - For the love of Hanoi was awarded to the Hanoi 1967 - 1975 book and photo exhibition by German photographer Thomas Billhardt.

Meanwhile, 2 Ideas - For the love of Hanoi awards for 2 nominations by ballot, including: The Red River urban subdivision planning project researched and built by the Hanoi Institute of Construction Planning and under the direction of Mr. Hanoi City and the coordination with relevant departments; Building an anti-flood tunnel in combination with an underground highway and renovating the To Lich River into a Historical - Cultural - Spiritual Park proposed by JVE Nhat Viet Environment Corporation (JVE Group) and a Japanese partner planning output. At the Job - For Love Hanoi Award, was awarded for "The vaccination campaign in Hanoi was on schedule along with the efforts of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention force to help the capital stay strong during the pandemic".

At the award ceremony, the Organizing Committee also launched a photo contest, a video clip of cool and green Hanoi. The contest aims to reflect the traditional beauty of a "city of rivers and lakes" and the contemporary nature of the Green Capital... Bui Xuan Phai Prize - For the love of Hanoi was established by Sports and Culture newspaper and the family of late painter Bui Xuan Phai in 2008, in order to award valuable authors, works, ideas and jobs. science, high art, imbued with love for Hanoi.