Ha Noi: To develop rural industries in the city

Thứ Tư, 21/4/2021| 16:54

The People's Committee of Hanoi has just issued the Plan No. 99/ KH-UBND on the development of rural careers in Hanoi city in 2021.

Ha Noi: To develop rural industries in the city in 2021

The plan clearly states the general goal: Continue to review, supplement and complete the policy linkage to the rural development company in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 52/2018/ ND-CP dated April 12/ 2018 Government. Support and create conditions for craft villages in the city to develop, step by step improve income and material and spiritual life for people.

Regarding specific targets: To promulgate a number of policies to support the development of rural industries under the authority of the City People's Committee specified in the Government's Decree No. 52/2018/ ND-CP dated April 12, 2018, such as: Vocational training, vocational training; trade promotion, construction of infrastructure and production space ... Supporting 10 trade villages to build brands and register collective trademark ownership. Support for environmental impact assessment for 10 craft villages that have been recognized and are applying for accreditation. Support 5-10 rural career development projects in the city. Create about 10,000-15,000 more jobs for rural workers with an average income of 50-60 million VND/ person/ year.

In order to accomplish general and specific goals, while building mechanisms and implementing policies, the City People's Committee will promote the application of science and technology. In particular, implementing city-level science and technology tasks in the field of craft development, craft villages; projects on management and development of collective trademarks for agricultural products and craft village products under the intellectual property development support program. Manage production technologies, restrict the use of old and outdated technologies, causing environmental pollution; introduce and disseminate environmentally friendly production technologies, wastewater, waste and emission treatment technologies suitable to craft villages and rural industries in the locality.

The City People's Committee also directs to organize training of pedagogical skills and teaching skills for artisans in the rural profession according to regulations. Village for owners of production establishments and workers to have access to resources and policies to support the development of rural occupations (50 classes expected). Propaganda, promotion, trade promotion; providing information support for enterprises, rural industry establishments to participate in domestic and overseas exhibitions and fairs to introduce and promote their brands and products and to expand consumption markets.


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