Former World Bank CEO: Can money save the world?

Thứ Bảy, 6/11/2021| 19:20

Mr. Bertrand Badré - former General Director of World Bank - and author of the famous book "Finance can save the world" - had interesting sharing at One Global Vietnam conference.

Former World Bank CEO: Can money save the world?

 Sharing from the father of the book "Finance can save the world" "Finance can save the world" an once the name of a famous book on finance from the perspective of the former CEO of the World Bank. The book shows how characters perceive, evaluate and analyze the financial crisis of 2007-2008, lessons learned and what needs to be done so that finance can best serve humanity. "Can finance save the world" is once again a topic of interest at the One Global Vietnam conference just held in Paris (France) with the participation of Vietnamese and international experts and intellectuals. leading representative in the world. The conference lasted for 2 days (November 4th and November 5th) with 4 alternate on-site and online sessions, rotating 4 topic groups. In the session "Can finance save the world?", Mr. Bertrand Badré had interesting shares. According to Mr. Bertrand Badré, the industrial revolution 4.0 is happening quickly. We are at the stage of finding a sustainable financial development solution. Because history has proven financial crises under the rapid development of the industrial and technological revolution.

Mr. Bertrand Badré also said that in the current period, finance has had significant changes. Not only is the reduction of cash consumption, this is the period where virtual money, electronic money ... has been and is having remarkable development. "We are not here to find the best solution, but to discuss to find the most appropriate, most urgent solutions based on numbers, measures like GDP ...", Mr. Bertrand Badré speak. Mr. Bertrand Badré also emphasized, even the United States has problems with the financial system. If it's just money basics, the current financial system is still doing well. "But for me, the financial system is the value of people's lives, how to let people apply finance in their daily lives. From investors to people, the State regulates the financial system towards the direction of the people. to people's lives, thereby enhancing the value of life", said Mr. Bertrand Badré.

Frederik Kristensen - Deputy Director of the Alliance for Pandemic Readiness Initiative - said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has calculated the cost to the global economy at about VND 28 trillion. But the issue that needs to be addressed is poverty. "There is no doubt that with the changes, global climate changes are taking place and causing undesirable impacts on people," said Frederik Kristensen. According to Frederik Kristensen, the World Health Organization has a list of different diseases that are being studied with a forecast of their likelihood. Global organizations are very concerned about the problem of epidemics and pandemics that are developing, even those that have ended but we have not yet managed to prevent them from becoming a threat to humanity.

Another topic that was actively discussed by experts at the conference was book conversion and innovation. At the conference, Mr. Henri Verdier - Digital Ambassador of the French Foreign Ministry emphasized that innovation is part of economic development and it is very important for Vietnam.

Former World Bank CEO: Can money save the world?

To innovate and become an innovator, Mr. Henri Verdier believes that an innovative environment is needed. He hopes to be able to find new ideas through cooperation between the two countries. Mr. Henri Verdier also emphasized, no need to be faced with the choice of using American or Chinese technology, Vietnam can completely use its own products. Discussing this topic, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung - Minister of Information and Communications of Vietnam - also emphasized, Vietnam can be the cradle of innovation, due to the need to solve more than other countries develop. "Developing countries have a lot of difficulties and problems to solve, so they are also places that need a lot of innovation," Hung emphasized. Minister Hung also said that in the problems that Vietnam is facing, there are many global problems, such as how to get good doctors in remote areas, how to get good doctors in remote areas. good teachers to train the best generation. "If Vietnam can solve these problems, it will make a great contribution to humanity," Mr.Hung said.