Vietnam recognizes vaccines from 72 countries and territories

Thứ Năm, 21/10/2021| 19:18

Those who bring this vaccination certificate or vaccine passport to Vietnam only have to be isolated for 7 day according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Vietnam recognizes vaccines from 72 countries and territories

The above information was announced by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam at the regular press conference this afternoon, October 21. Responding to a question about the process of recognition and issuance of vaccination certificates or vaccine passports, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said: "In the spirit of Resolution 128 of the Government dated October 1 on Adapting safely, flexibly, effectively controlling the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam is currently temporarily recognizing the form of vaccination certificates or vaccine passports of 72 countries and territories that have been approved by other countries and regions. This territory is officially referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs". According to Ms. Hang, these documents will be used directly in Vietnam and people with sufficient documents will be able to reduce the concentrated isolation time to 7 days, according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health on shortening the time. isolation for people who have received a full dose of Covid-19 vaccine or have had Covid-19 but have recovered.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also discussing with nearly 80 partners about mutual recognition of vaccination certificates or vaccine passports. Currently, the vaccine certificates provided by Vietnam have been recognized by a number of countries" - Ms. Hang said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson informed that, under the direction of the Prime Minister on creating more favorable conditions for workers, experts, investors and a number of other specific subjects to serve development goals., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also consulted with ministries and local branches on problems and proposed competent authorities to adjust the review and approval processes for foreigners entering the country in the direction of supplementing passports and certificates. receiving vaccinations into the application component of the visa process, reducing application processing time and further enhancing decentralization for ministries and sectors.

Vietnam recognizes vaccines from 72 countries and territories

Also at the press conference, responding to measures to support Vietnamese businesses and foreign investors in the current state of transition, spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang stated: With preventive measures Recently, the epidemic situation in Vietnam is gradually being controlled and gradually transitioning to a new state. The Government issued Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP on October 11, 2021, temporarily providing for safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic to bring the whole country to a new normal soon. as possible, strive to achieve it in 2021; bringing the anti-epidemic policy into one, unified nationwide, breaking the "freeze" in socio-economic activities. The Government is taking drastic measures to control and repel the epidemic; established a special working group to handle problems and difficulties of enterprises and issued many resolutions and policies to support enterprises, cooperatives and business households in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

"The Vietnamese government also always listens, shares and creates all conditions, maximum support for businesses and foreign investors, remove difficulties, create a new normal environment to restore the earliest. production and business activities, following the motto of not disrupting production and supply chains, ensuring smooth circulation of goods across the country, abolishing and not promulgating inappropriate regulations by localities. Ms. Hang emphasized. As of September 20, foreign investment attraction to Vietnam reached 22.15 billion USD, up 4.4% over the same period last year. In which, newly registered capital has more than 1200 FDI projects, with a total registered capital of 12.5 billion USD; although it decreased by 37.8% in the number of projects but increased by 20.6% in the total registered capital over the same period last year. This result has confirmed the confidence of foreign investors in the investment environment and increased the scale of investment projects in Vietnam.